Day 1 - Connect to Your Light 

challenge 1:

Watch today's video and choose an area of your business that you would like to bring more Light. 

Follow these simple steps:
1. Ground
2. Connect with Light/Higher Self/God/Universe
3. State intention
4. Release and surrender


Create a visual reminder / alter / symbol to remind you to connect to your source of Light. 

Day 2 - Cast Your Light Forward

challenge 2:

Today's challenge is to follow this guided visulazation by Bob Proctor. It's a powerful guided meditation that will give you the chance to connect with your light and turn that into a powerful vision for your business and life. 


Journal about what you saw, felt or heard during your meditation. Circle 2-3 words or images that made you light up.

If you feel called, I invite you to revisit this meditation more than once over the next few days to help you to anchor your vision. 

Day 3 - Give Your Light a Voice

challenge 3:

Today's challenge is to identify something you believe in, but have never expressed - especially in the context of your business. I want you to journal about this topic without censoring yourself. You may even want to practice something called Automatic Writing which is a form of channeling. 


If you're feeling inspired ... I encourage you to turn this into a blog, facebookor instagram post and share it!

Day 4 - Bridge Your Light with Others

challenge 4:

Today's challenge is a practice of receiving. You’re going to reach out to someone you’ve worked with to ask for feedback or a testimonial. Spend some time with what comes back to you. Was it easy to ask? How does it feel to accept praise? Pay attention to what this brings up for you.


Create a document where you can collect your testimonials. It's an amazing practice to review and read these out loud. Heck, you could even do a bit of bragging about how awesome you are!

Day 5 - Own Your Light

challenge 5:

Today's challenge is about owning your worth. List out all the ways you help people. Think about what people thank you for most often? What themes and words reoccur in your testimonials? Really bring this value to Light and stand in your authentic power. 


Once you have your list, stand in front of a mirror and brag about yourself for a minute straight. Love yourself up and feel the depth of the value you bring to this world. You're awesome!

Day 6 - Embody Your Light

challenge 6:

Today's challenge is about embodying your Light with clear visual communication and design. I want you to identify 3 words that describe your Light. What words communicate your unique personality and style? 


Ask your friends, family and colleagues what 3 words they would use to describe you. Compare your list with theirs. Is it aligned?