"When I was launching my personal brand, I struggled to know where to begin, why I was doing it, and lacked the confidence to make the next move. Heather helped me organize my thoughts, look at some deeper layers of my business, and get a clear understanding of my brand. Working with her is hands down one of the best business and personal investments I've made."

~ Amy Dryden,


“Heather is an awesome, warm, and knowledgeable brand strategist who knows how to meet people where they are and communicate in a way that's really accessible, not jargon-y. She makes the process feel safe and supportive, taking into account the many emotions people have when they're starting or building their business.”

~ Or Har-Gil,


“The more I dive into my website re-design, the more I realized how big the work we did together was. You unblocked me on a spiritual and emotional level which in return allowed me to move forward with my business."

~ Myriam Pelletier,


“I was already well down a branding path when I was introduced to Heather. Within 15 minutes she nailed my audience, slightly different than the one I had already targeted and I wasn't willing to accept it at first. Once I did, Heather managed to help me make the changes I needed to my brand in a remarkably short amount of time. I came away with a clear vision of my brand, my message and what to do next.”

~ Sheri Johnson,


“Heather helped me to define my brand and directed me on how to apply it to my social media, website and speaking engagements. She is honest, creative and you get a strong sense that she really wants to help you and cares about you achieving your goals.” ~ Carmit Yadin

“I worked with Heather this summer and WOW - what a difference. For the first time I have been able to really articulate what I do and how I help women transform themselves around prosperity.” ~ Karen Collacutt

“Heather helped me have so much more confidence in what I offer! Clearer messaging AND an ability to fine-tune my message as I grow because I learned skills while we worked together that can be used again and again.” ~ Brandy Morris


“Heather was knowledgeable and thorough. She guided me through the process of building my course and I ended up with an excellent course to present. Her coaching regarding my delivery was essential for success.” ~ Michael Flatt

“Heather is such a gift to her clients! She has such a beautiful way of teaching and her Seven Brand Chakra program will help you connect deeply with the soul of your brand. The design of her program gave me an 'aha' about my target audience and everything shifted for me and started to flow with ease.” ~ Terri Kelly

“Seven Brand Chakras is a great program that helped me learn how to design, position and market my program. Heather is the most amazing coach - gentle, intuitive and creative.” ~ Sonal Raje