Day 1 - Connect to Your Light 

challenge 1:

Watch today's video and choose an area of your business that you would like to bring more Light. 

Follow these simple steps:
1. Ground
2. Connect with Light/Higher Self/God/Universe
3. State intention
4. Release and surrender


Create a visual reminder / alter / symbol to remind you to connect to your source of Light. 

Day 2 - Cast Your Light Forward

challenge 2:

Today's challenge is to follow this guided visulazation by Bob Proctor. It's a powerful guided meditation that will give you the chance to connect with your light and turn that into a powerful vision for your business and life. 


Journal about what you saw, felt or heard during your meditation. Circle 2-3 words or images that made you light up.

If you feel called, I invite you to revisit this meditation more than once over the next few days to help you to anchor your vision.