How to Find the Soul of Your Brand

Brands with soul have a unique quality that sets them apart. They are clear, confident and deeply connect with customers and fans. They have a magnetic energy and unapologetic attitude. They know who they are and they own it.

When you understand the soul of your brand, you can make better decisions, create more effective marketing and align with your unique purpose and path.

Finding your brand’s soul requires that you ask some big questions, explore why your business exists and commit to your evolution. It’s not a one-time exercise because the truth is – your brand will evolve. It will unfold, deepen, and become more clear as you step into alignment with who you are.

Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or reinventing your career, creating a personal brand or a business one, this article will share the exact process I go through with each of my clients to help them connect to the soul of their brand.


Get A Copy of The Brand Soul Canvas™

Using the Brand Soul Canvas as a framework, these eight areas hold the insight and clarity you need to solve your biggest branding challenges.

Know Your Purpose

Getting clear on the reason why your business exists is one of the first things you need to know in order to connect to the soul of your business. Your unique purpose is all about connecting to your highest intention to serve.

Clarity of purpose is critical if you want your business to feel human and connect in a real way. You can tap into your purpose by working with Source energy through your Crown Chakra, exploring your strengths and passions, or getting clear on your business ‘why’.

Using your Brand Soul Canvas, reflect on your Purpose by asking:

  1. Why does my business exist beyond making money?

  2. How does my business elevate humanity?

  3. Why do I do what I do?

envision Your Future  

A compelling vision for your business is a must. Vision is about seeing or sensing your future destination. It helps direct your energy and thoughts so you take action towards what you desire.

Whether you’re looking at vision as part of your business strategy or daily spiritual practice, studies show your ability to imagine a future scenario and believe it’s possible, has a huge impact on your ability to create the life you desire.

You can strengthen your visioning abilities by working with your Third-Eye in meditation, creating a vision board, or getting clear on your goals.

Using your Brand Soul Canvas, reflect on your Vision by asking:

  1. What does my ideal business look like in 10 years?  

  2. What’s the ideal world I am creating?

  3. What does success look like to me?

Speak Your Truth

Understanding your core message is an important part of your ability to share your purpose and values. Inside your business, it helps you create a culture based on guiding principles and beliefs. Externally, it helps set the tone for your marketing and gives your brand a voice and point of view.

Brands with soul have a clear message. They aren’t afraid to share their truth and create a community around these ideas and principles. Whether in business or life, finding your voice is about having the courage to share what you believe.

You can clarify your message by creating a manifesto for your brand, getting clear on your core values or by working with the Throat Chakra energy.

Using your Brand Soul Canvas, reflect on your core Message by asking:

  1. What are my core values and guiding principles?  

  2. What’s my big idea worth spreading?

  3. What do I believe that others don’t always agree with?  

Know Your niche

Being a heart-centered entrepreneur is about leading with love. At the end of the day, business is about relationships and your brand is simply an energetic bridge between you and your customers.

You become a magnet for your soul-aligned clients when you are clear about who they are and what they need from you. Having empathy for their fears, challenges and obstacles helps you to serve them in a deeper way and creates a lasting connection.

To call in your perfect clients develop a clear niche and connect to your Heart Chakra as you imagine yourself attracting your perfect clients and customers.

Using your Brand Soul Canvas, reflect on your Niche by asking:

  1. Who are my soul-aligned clients?

  2. What problem can I help them solve?

  3. Why do they need me?

Share Your Value

Your real value is in the transformation you provide to others. It’s connected to your products and services, but it’s more than just what you sell or a list of features and benefits.  

Your unique value is about communicating why people should care. What’s in it for them? When you know your unique value, you will feel confident in your offerings and have a clear sense of how to package your products and services.

You can clarify your value by asking for feedback, collecting testimonials and activating the Solar Plexus Chakra which is connected to confidence and self-esteem.

Using your Brand Soul Canvas, reflect on your Value by asking:

  1. What do I help people to do/be/achieve?

  2. What do people thank me for?

  3. What is my superpower?

Express Your Personality

Every business has unique personality and style. Your name, identity and tone tell people who you are and help you stand out in a crowded marketplace. It’s also an aspect of your business where you can let your creativity shine.

Your personality adds a human quality to your brand and builds trust and relatability. You can explore your unique identity by creating a mood board or connecting to your creative energy and emotions through your Sacral Chakra.

Using your Brand Soul Canvas, reflect on your Identity by asking:

  1. What does my brand look like?

  2. How does my brand feel?

  3. What’s the personality of my business?

Be Your Promise  

Your promise is a big part of your overall message and identity. It’s how you embody your mission are share it with others.

Focusing on your promise directs the activities of your business and sets a standard for how you show up. It should be evident in every interaction with your brand because it tells people what they can count on you for and builds trust.

You can develop a stronger foundation by getting clear on your mission, taking aligned action and tapping into the stabilizing energy of the Root Chakra.

Using your Brand Soul Canvas, reflect on your Promise by asking:

  1. What can people count on me for?

  2. What does my business do?

  3. What’s my mission?

Embody Your Essence

At a soul-level there is an essence, a unique vibration, and a frequency that is deeply connected to very core of who you are. In both business and life, it is believed that alignment to this core essence is the key to attracting everything you desire.

Your essence is about focusing on what makes you unique and the feeling behind your brand. Getting clear on this energy and specific vibration helps you distil your message, develop a clear niche and create better marketing.

Using the Brand Soul Canvas, reflect on your brand essence by asking:

  1. What are one or two words that describe your essence?

Getting clear and focused

If you haven’t already, Download A Copy Of The Brand Soul Canvas and capture a few words for each section. Use your intuition and the insight you’ve gathered from the questions in this article to help you. Work on it section by section, or fill it all in with images, words, and colours. This is yours to make unique, so continue to work with this tool till it feels complete.

Once you’re done, review each area and identify what aspects of your business need your attention right now. The Brand Soul Canvas will help you identify where you’re clear and where you’re stuck. It’s designed to help you move your creative energy and ‘tune-in’ to your next steps. You can also hang it above your desk, use it as a part of your altar or share it with others.

And if you’d like some deeper support, please reach out for a complimentary call or check out my online program Awaken The Soul of Your Brand.


Get A Copy of The Brand Soul Canvas™

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