Awaken the Soul of Your Brand

FRee ONLINE training - November 23rd & 30th, 2017

• Are you still struggling to communicate who you are and what you do?
• Do you want to learn how to create unique marketing content that attracts your ideal clients?
• Do you desire a plan to grow your business in alignment with your purpose and vision?

In this online training, you’ll discover:

• A strategic (and soulful) approach to building your business or personal brand
• Simple ways to unleash your authenticity online and build a brand you love
• The difference between marketing and branding and why you need to do both

Plus you'll get a free Blueprint help you organize your ideas and get clear on your authentic path in business and life. 


Meet Your Teacher 


Heather Briggs is an award-winning strategist and business coach who works with female leaders, creatives and entrepreneurs to help them amplify their message and build a successful online brand. 

Her program the Seven Brand Chakras helps new and emerging entrepreneurs get clear on their purpose, direction and message so they can build a strong  business foundation and create engaging marketing content that inspires and connects. 



“Heather combines business strategy and spiritual principles in a really unique and brilliant way. She helped me understand the deeper layers of my business and get really clear on why I do what I do.”
~ Natalia Ria

“Seven Brand Chakras is a great program that helped me learn how to design, position and market my program. Heather is the most amazing coach - gentle, intuitive and creative.”
~ Sonal Raje

"When I was launching my personal brand, I struggled to know where to begin, why I was doing it, and lacked the confidence to make the next move. Heather helped me organize my thoughts, look at some deeper layers of my business, and get a clear understanding of my brand."
~ Amy Dryden