Hey, Soul Sister!

I'm Heather - a brand strategist, marketing coach and tarot-reading intuitive who works with heart-based business leaders, holistic practitioners & creative proffesionals to help them develop a strong brand foundation, clear communication and marketing that radiates with authenticty. 

After many years working as a graphic designer, copywriter and strategist, I saw so much disconnection in the way we appraoch branding and marketing. Like many of you, I struggled to build my business in a way that felt authentic to me.  

I began to weave together my marketing experience with a more holistic approach to branding and I noticed a strong connection between the spiritual practices I was studying and the core foundation of building a brand.

A little more about me...

  • I have a dog named Ruby and I love all things art, design and spirituality.

  • I’m deeply intuitive and a certified NLP Coach & Reiki Practioner.

  • I was lululemon’s first in-house graphic designer and developed their hangtags, product packaging, brand messaging and clothing graphics.

  • I've been featured in the Globe & Mail as a marketing expert more than once.

  • I was the lead strategist for an award-winning social awareness campaign in British Columbia.