The Bridge Your Year Workbook

A few years ago I decided to ditch my new year resolutions and start my own ritual to plan for the year ahead. Before making any big moves, or bold promises to myself, I spent some time marinating on the magic of the past 12 months. 

I fell in love with this practice because it offered me a chance to reflect, celebrate, let-go and expand my awareness of myself and my journey. It became a powerful way for me to intentionally close my current year and focus on my dreams and aspirations for the year ahead. 

Based on some great tools I’ve used in the past, I designed the Bridge Your Year workbook to help myself and others go deeper with their year-end reflection and goal setting. You can download your free copy here.

Inside this workbook, you’ll find pages of soulful prompts, questions and exercises designed to help you reflect, align with and initiate your best year yet. I know from experience that when you pair self-awareness with intention - magical things happen. 

It’s also a chance for you to look at all the ways the divine is working through you and will let you see just how powerful you are as a creator and manifestor of your dreams. Most of all, it’s an opportunity to start the year from a place of power and gratitude rather than focusing on all the things you want to change or fix. 

I hope you enjoy this practice as much as I do. I wish you an incredible year ahead full of everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more! 


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Bridge Your Year Workbook