Awaken the Soul of Your Brand

FRee Live MasterClass on the Seven Brand Chakras

Learn how to leverage the soul of your brand and bring more creativity, abundance and joy to your business.

• Are you struggling to communicate who you are and what you do?
• Do you feel stuck when it comes to creating unique marketing content?
• Is it time to refresh, redefine or upgrade your business strategy?

Join me as we explore the Seven Brand Chakras so you can awaken and express your unique business message with clarity and confidence. This FREE masterclass is perfect for heart-centred leaders, holistic practitioners, and creative entrepreneurs who are curious about how to start, reinvent or grow their brand authentically.

You’ll learn:

• Why your brand is so much more than your logo
• How to build your business or personal brand from the inside-out
• How to clear your blocks so you can move forward with clarity

Plus, each participant will get a Brand Alignment Guide & Assessment

"When I was launching my personal brand, I struggled to know where to begin, why I was doing it, and lacked the confidence to make the next move. Heather helped me organize my thoughts, look at some deeper layers of my business, and get a clear understanding of my brand." ~ Amy Dryden
“Heather combines business strategy and spiritual principles in a really unique and brilliant way. She helped me understand the deeper layers of my business and get really clear on why I do what I do.” ~ Natalia Ria

Meet Your Teacher 

I’m Heather Briggs. A marketing strategist, personal branding coach and creative entreprenuer who bridges strategy with soul to help women ignite their authenticity online. I created the Seven Brand Chakras to help heart-centred leaders align their business with their soul.