How To Be Magnetic Online

In today's era of online marketing, it’s easy to get distracted by the latest tools and tactics that claim to help spread your message with bigger results. This approach often falls flat because in reality, the type of content you create plays a much bigger role in how people respond to you. So if you want to make your marketing feel more magnetic, here are some simple tips to help you keep it real. 

Make It Personal  

People connect with other people much quicker and easier than they do a faceless brand. When YOU show up in your marketing and communications you add personality, depth and a humanness to your business. Go ahead and do those fb lives or plan your next photoshoot – show people who you are.

Stand For Something

Content connects when it hits an emotional chord with its audience. Sharing core values in your marketing is an easy way to create a real bond and gives people a glimpse into what motivates you and your work. Maybe it’s time for you to finally write your manifesto or start a new blog series. Get out there and start sharing what matters most to you.

Create Real Value

Instead of focusing on sharing what you do, shift your awareness to how you serve. By providing simple steps and easy to follow guidance that people need, you’ll grow your trust and reputation in no time. Make your marketing content useful by providing quick tips, easy to follow guides and unique content that moves the marker forward for your audience.

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3 Ways to Spring Clean Your Business

Spring’s in the air! It’s a perfect time to refresh, refocus and realign with yourself and your business after a long winter. Nothing feels better than a fresh perspective and that’s exactly why I’m talking to you about the magic of spring cleaning in your business.

Spring is a season of creation and growth. It’s also the perfect time to let go of what no longer serves you and realign with your goals for the year. Here are some simple and powerful ways you can spring clean your business and make room for the new.

1. Clear the Clutter

Clutter comes in all shapes and sizes. It’s not just about having a messy desk or unorganized filing cabinet. Clutter can be mental, emotional and energetic. The good news is - where there’s clutter, there’s also an opportunity to simplify. Some areas to scan in your business include:

  • Physical spaces - workspace, desktop, inbox, dropbox, calendars etc.
  • Marketing content - social media, messaging, website, etc.
  • Organizational - systems, processes, people etc.  
  • Mental/emotional - negative self-talk, overwhelming thoughts, fears etc.

The main goal is to identify where you feel blocked, misaligned or overwhelmed. Trust your intuition. Once you’ve identified where you want to clear the clutter, begin to consciously purge and organize this aspect of your business bringing full awareness to the space you are creating.

2. Close Any Open Loops

Another way to create a lighter, cleaner energy in your business is to look for any open loops. Open loops are dreams, relationships, and situations that have not been fully resolved.

These sneaky little situations can deplete our energy because there is no closure. This might be a conversation you need to have, a relationship you need to mend or you may decide something is done and close the loop on your own. Intention alone can be very powerful. 

Another tip is to review your goals for things you’ve outgrown or no longer feel connected to. Cross them off the list and remember that your goals are allowed to expire too.

3. Welcome The New

Spring is a time of creation –  flowers blossom, trees grow, and the warmth of the sun welcomes new dreams and adventures. It’s just this sort of magical energy that helps everything grow, especially your business!

Now that you’ve created the space, you can begin to look at what you need most right now to flourish.

  • Where do you want more growth?

  • What intentions are you planting?

  • What ideas are beginning to bloom?

By following these three simple steps you’ll be able to clear space for the new, reconnect with your path and create a fertile foundation for growth.

Happy spring cleaning, my friends!

Nine Lessons I’ve Learned as an Entrepernuer

When I began my first official business nine years ago, I had no clue what I was doing. As a new entrepreneur, I was excited by the idea of controlling my own destiny, making my own hours and pursuing a craft that I loved. I certainly had no idea that this path would change me and shape my character in so many ways. 

As a recovering perfectionist and control-freak I’ve learned a lot on this journey; along with some important business insights, I’ve learned a lot about myself and life. So, in honour of my new website launch and all the work it took to get to here, I’ve decided to share the nine big lessons I’ve learned, and remind myself of often, while on this crazy adventure called entrepreneurship. I’ve written them as a letter to my younger self and I’m excited to share them with you. Perhaps I can save someone a little time and ease some fears along the way.

1. On Process: 

You’re going to want to rush everything. You’re going to think you’ve failed for not reaching your goals fast enough. You’re going to compare your “beginning” to other peoples' “middle” and this will confuse you, creating unnecessary anxiety and stress. Learn to enjoy the ride; from the highest highs to lowest lows, every twist and turn is leading you somewhere greater than what you can even imagine right now. 

2. On Trust: 

In order to make this work, you’re going to need a massive amount of trust in yourself and in the universe. Practice trust and surrender every day. Whenever you think you are in control, you are simply making things harder than they need to be. Everything will be fine once you surrender to your path and realize that you are the only thing getting in your own way. 

3. On Energy:

Your energy is a magnet. You will notice that as you grow and evolve, your energy will change too. That vibration will bring new people and experiences into your life. Always be mindful of your energy and honour it like you would your health. Learn to protect it and manage it. It’s a gift.

4. On Relationships:

The people you surround yourself with will impact your success and your ability to achieve your dreams. Let go of the people who want you to play small. Never stop seeking your tribe: the people who make it safe to simply be you. A healthy and inspiring network will lead you places you could never go alone. 

5. On Fear: 

Fear will cripple you some days. It will cause you to overanalyze your decisions and make you feel vulnerable and small. These moments will pass and the rush you will feel once you lean into these fears will help you learn and grow. Always look at fear as an indicator of something great on the other side. 

6. On Advice: 

There will be no shortage of people who will tell you what you should do. They will share their truth as if it is your own. The will want to fix and impose solutions on you. Be wary of these people and learn to decipher when their advice is real and when it’s simply there own shit showing up. Choose your teachers wisely and never trust a self-proclaimed "guru." 

7. On Confidence:

Your confidence will waver; some days you will feel worthy, and other days you will want to shrink away so small no one can see you. Cultivate a deep sense of self-love. Be gentle with yourself because if you aren’t, no one else will be. Putting yourself out there will require you to not take everything personally. This will be a big lesson for you. 

8. On Authenticity:

You will learn that being authentic is about integration. It’s about years of inner work, going off track sometimes, and practicing being your true self within a safe community. It’s a journey, a constant unfolding and willingness to share your vulnerability with others. Authenticity is revealing your raw truth at any stage of the journey, whether it’s perfect or not. 

9. On Success: 

You will start this journey thinking that success for you is a six-figure income, a loving husband and a few children. You will come to learn that this is not true. Instead you will wake up one day and realize that you have everything you need and none of that is attached to people or things. You will feel successful when you realize you already have everything you need. Success is having deep gratitude for being you. 

I’d love to hear about your lessons. What have you learned about yourself, life or business on your journey. Please share in the comments below.

Love and light, Heather